Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Very Special Day!

It is Bren's 65th Birthday!!

And it was a busy day, too,
because Mike and Cindi 
were leaving today....
so that meant a trip to 
the airport and back...

Bren, Laurie, Scott and I 
celebrated Bren's birthday
at an awesome
restaurant, 'The Garlic'!

Some of the guests sat at long
tables, like this:

We had a lovely corner booth,
and the pre-dinner offering was
bread with garlic that had been 
roasted for hours so that it was
sweet and delicious!!

Each of our dinners was wonderful....

This is the oven that's used for certain
dishes, it can be heated to 800 degrees!!

And our waiter brought a special
treat over to Bren after we ate,
a mini-cannoli....

and the saxophone 
player came over to serenade her
with 'Happy Birthday'!!

We came back and celebrated a little more
with gifts...

And cake with ice cream!!

Happy Birthday, Bren!!
We love you!!


Brenda said...

Thank you for making it so special! Love you!

SaNdY said...

It was my pleasure...I had a great time, too!! Love you, 2!

Marcia said...

That looks like an awesome restaurant! You made it so special for your sister! Brenda looks great- and so does that cake!

SaNdY said...

Thanks Marcia!!