Saturday, July 5, 2014

Red, White and Blue Memories....

Kelly and were talking about the 4th of July's of the past
the other day.....
Fred loved the 4th of July and when the kids were growing 
up, he would always buy 'good' fireworks....
with Fred's OK, Mike would bring some of his friends over 
on the day of 4th to show them the firework
assortment and we would hear lots of 'ooohhhs' and 
'aaaahhhhs' as the kids checked out all the firecrackers!!
On hot days, we'd have a bunch of neighborhood kids cooling
off in our pool, and the 4th was no different!!

Before it got dark, we would spread quilts/blankets out on our 
front lawn.....then, we'd start the popcorn making!!
Both Kelly and Mike would invite their friends over and once
it got dark, the lighting of the fireworks would start!!
Fred usually started with the 'smaller' ones, and work his
way up to the larger, better, louder and higher ones!!!
Once Mike got a bit older, Fred showed him how to light

I think Fred's Firework show would last at least an hour
or more, depending on how long it was taking to light the
fireworks!!!  And Fred always instructed the kids that their
job on the morning of the 5th of July was to sweep the
area of the street that was the launching pad for all the 
All the kids always had a great time, but I think Fred had the
best time of all!!  
Miss you always and all ways, Fred....


Marcia said...

Wow- those were great memories for sure! Keep them alive by speaking of them- it helps until you come back to reality. But the memories are priceless!

SaNdY said...

Agree Marcia, it does help me to talk about Fred, I'm sure you feel the same about Tom...thanks for stopping by and for your comment, I truly appreciate your thoughts!!